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Life Insurance

Your loved ones could find themselves short of money and live a life of financial struggle when you pass. Today, a lot of people in Texas die prematurely due to road accidents or as a result of short illness. Even if you are not the breadwinner of your family, your sudden demise might suddenly increase the financial strain since the entire cost of paying for children's care and other services will now be upon a single person. However, you can prevent such a scenario from occurring when you pass away by purchasing a life insurance policy from Dixie Dunavant Insurance Company in Texas.

Our life insurance coverage will provide your family with a guaranteed cash lump sum, or a stable and assured income, for a specific period to help your family cope with life and continue living comfortably when you die. Two of the most common life insurance policies you can choose between is a term insurance policy or whole life/permanent policy.

Our Term Policy

Our term policy offers the simplest and most basic form of life insurance to all Texas residents. With a term policy, we shall compensate your family members and take care of your funeral in case you die during the term of the policy. One term runs for up to 30 years, and you are free to renew the coverage when the term runs to completion. Contact Dixie Dunavant Insurance Company today to learn more about our level term and decreasing term policies.

Our Whole Life/Permanent Policy

Our whole life insurance policy is unlimited, and we shall pay your family death benefits whenever you die. It doesn't matter if you live for 100 or more years. You can be assured that your family will not suffer financially when you’re gone. You can talk to us today and learn more about our traditional whole life policy, variable universal life, and universal life insurance policies.

Do you love and care about your siblings? Secure their financial future today by talking to us about life insurance coverage. Our agents can walk you through the insurance process and help you find the policy that meets your family's needs.